Why Portland Businesses Need Dark Web Scanning Every Day

Cyber Security Expert monitoring the Dark Web for small business stolen login credentials and personal identifiable information.

We will occasionally perform a Dark Web Scan on a prospect’s domain prior to a meeting and print out the results. Though the media’s full of stories on pilfered data and personal records, our experience shows that the “it couldn’t happen to me” mentality is prevalent.

The shock at finding one’s identity on a site for sale is palpable. And with data breaches rising at scary rates annually there’s a good chance that your identity or those of others in your company are already there for sale. After all, where do cyber criminals go to buy stolen information? And once they’ve got it the intricate disasters they can create can haunt someone for years.

The Dark Web Defined

The Dark Web, originally termed “Dark Net” is not accessible using the search engines we all employ daily. It’s like a deep background world shrouded in mystery, intrigue and blatant criminality. It’s akin to an old fashioned pawn shop selling stolen goods at a price. It requires specific software to find it and the most commonly known is “Tor” and allows one to surf the web’s version of the dark side of the moon and do it anonymously. And it gets ugly when it comes to what might be on the block on some of these Dark Web sites. Really ugly.

How Do We Scan the Dark Web for Your Information?

We employ a highly sophisticated software program to produce a deep scanning process searching websites, private criminal networks, bad actor forums and other sources for your information. No, it’s not good news to know you’ve had your personal data stolen, but it’s much better than not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss in this game and the more you know the better you will be able to protect yourself.

Once the cat’s out of the bag there’s no pulling it back, deleting it or catching the perps who stole it. There are protocols, however, we can immediately put into position to secure your network, its data and to thwart those who seek to steal identities. Whether the Dark Web Scan confirms you’re a victim or not, there’s no future in not immediately adopting those practices proven to provide protection. Not to do it is like deciding that somebody has to be the low-hanging fruit so why not you? Trust us, you do not want to be the low hanging fruit leaving your data and identities just asking to be plucked.

The horror stories arising from these incidents are legion, and scary. Your legal status as a borrower can be threatened, you can find yourself criminally charged, not to mention the loss of funds from any accounts in your name. Bills can be run up and you’re on the hook, after all “you” (via your identity) are the one initiating the transactions.

One of the most damaging dangers involved in all of this involves any customer information you have in your database. When you’re hacked and your customers are put at risk, losing those customers becomes a real if not inevitable outcome. Not to do everything you can to protect that information in this day and age amounts to being an accomplice to the crime, so to speak.

Small Business: A Rich Vein Cybercriminals are Now Mining

It’s understandable why some business owners feel that this crime wave is reserved for the big names; Home Depot, Equifax, Yahoo make the media but the reality is thousands of businesses get attacked and we never hear about it. Why? When a breach occurs, often what seems to be the safest course is the quietest one. Fix the damage, pay the costs involved and do not broadcast anything about the damage done. Totally understandable.

But know that of all the stolen data stored on the dark web only a small portion, say less than ten percent, comes from a reported breach. But just because it doesn’t make the news doesn’t mean that it didn’t do irreparable harm to your interests.

But the key reaction is to get a qualified third party involved, get your network analyzed and move your “fruit” so high up in the tree that it discourages those who would plunder it for their ends with no compunction whatsoever about the damage done you, your reputation, your business or your customers.

24 x 7 I.T. Solutions Specializes in Dark Web Scans and Installing Ongoing Protection Programs

We know the back room secrets, we’re familiar with the case studies and we’ve seen enough first hand evidence to give us a sense of urgency when it comes to protecting our clients. Our owner, Randy Bankofier, belongs to an FBI Small Business Internet Security Task Force and by his accounts this is no social club. They deal with the reality of the situation on the web today and things are not getting better, they’re getting worse. The volume’s up, the sophistication’s rising and the attacks are ever more blatant.

So while it may take an attitude readjustment and the development of a new budget line item, it’s also the only preventive measure at your disposal to thwart those who would do you harm. And they will do you harm if they haven’t already.

Invest in a Dark Web Scan today. Get down to the brass tacks of where your business lies in this ocean of criminal behavior. We’ll help guide you to a safe harbor and make sure you stay there 24x7x365. With scan results in hand and a complete network security assessment we’ll be equipped to prescribe the right course to veer you away from danger and there’s no time like the present. But the greatest feature of teaming up with us on cybersecurity is that you can rest assured that we’re keeping up with the latest in threats and most importantly, the latest in protective measures.