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Padlock sitting on laptop keyboard representing the cyber security protections needed to stop cyber criminals from hacking your business.
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2017 Major Hacks; How Portland Businesses Can Avoid Joining the List

Think your business is protected against a major, debilitating financial hit from a cyberattack? You’re not alone. Most business owners do. But with Ransomware notching exponential increases in theft year over year (passing the $5 Billion mark in 2017) and data thefts piercing the security systems of household name organizations,
Cyber Security Expert monitoring the Dark Web for small business stolen login credentials and personal identifiable information.
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Why Portland Businesses Need Dark Web Scanning Every Day

We will occasionally perform a Dark Web Scan on a prospect’s domain prior to a meeting and print out the results. Though the media’s full of stories on pilfered data and personal records, our experience shows that the “it couldn’t happen to me” mentality is prevalent. The shock at finding
Cyber-criminal and hacker in front of a laptop hacking into your Portland small business.
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Your Portland Business’s Network is Under Siege; Here are the Attackers

Every day the threats against our network and those we manage for our clients are in the crosshairs of some bad internet actors. And the threats are getting more voluminous and more dangerous. Yes, the forces lined up against these bad actors are also gaining in sophistication but they’re always