Attention: Executives Who Are Fed-Up with Business WiFi Problems

Thinking About Upgrading Your Business WiFi or Hotel WiFi To Put An End To The Endless Support Calls From Frustrated Users, But Hesitated For Fear Of Choosing Another Unreliable, Slow Wireless Network Solution?

Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon
From the Desk of Randy Bankofier
President, 24x7 IT Solutions, Inc.
Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon

Dear Friend,

Do you have a nagging suspicion that your current business WiFi Network is not delivering the quality of service you paid for and failing to meet business needs thereby causing productivity losses and irritating staff and customers to the point that you may lose them? If yes, then you are probably experiencing one or more of these common small business WiFi problems:

Are You Experiencing Any of These Nine Business WiFi or Hotel WiFi Problems?

No WiFi signal or spotty coverage in certain areas.

Connections drop randomly.

Slow internet speeds everywhere.

Slower speeds the further away you get.

Some devices have trouble connecting or won’t connect at all.

The network connects, but the internet does not work.

Constantly rebooting wireless routers, access points and mobile devices.

You have no idea if specific users are hogging on the WiFi bandwidth.

WiFi network disappears entirely and then reappears.

Business owner in the Portland Vancouver metro area hanging scared from a rope because of business WiFi or hotel WiFi problems.

Have You Made These 4 Mistakes?

When you were a kid, didn’t you hate it when adults said things like, “Sometimes you have to learn the hard way”—and they were right? With a WiFi Solution our goal is to help businesses setup high performing wireless networks the first time, but sadly, many customers have endured some really painful lessons by learning the hard way. Here are their top 4 lessons that they “learned the hard way”:

Shocked small business owner in Portland because his invoice is full of details so he knows exactly what he's paying for.
Icon representing how much technical expertise is required to design, implement and monitor and reliable and fast wireless network.

Mistake Number 1: Doing it yourself

Many executives don’t realize that business WiFi networks are very technical, and thus, requiring highly specialized IT staff that has the training, experience and certifications to property design, deploy, maintain and support a high performing wireless network. Often we see businesses get into trouble because they expect themselves or their outsourced IT guys or internal IT department to simply figure it all out and make it work. It’s like they are saying, “It’s just like my home WiFi network, but bigger, right?”

Icon representing importance of business wifi and hotel wifi design by a wifi design expert.

Mistake Number 2: Miscalculating the Importance of Design

From hotel WiFi, schools, hospitals, healthcare, corporate offices, small businesses, manufacturing and retirement homes there are no two organizations alike. It’s so important to take the proper design steps to create a high performing wireless network. That’s why we always start with a wireless site survey, so we may account for all the variables that can affect your wireless network.

Recently Gartner stated that “80% of new WiFi networks will be obsolete within 18 months due to lack of proper planning.” Can you imagine the challenge to build a wireless solution that will support your organization for many years to come?

Icon representing importance of ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a high-performing and secure business wifi and hotel wifi network. All business wifi solutions need this.

Mistake Number 3: Not Measuring Ongoing Performance

Your high performing WiFi network should be considered similar to your computer network. It’s like a living organism. Everything changes like devices, applications, causes of interference, firmware, upgrades, technology, and most importantly security threats.

Icon representing the constant wireless network problems that most businesses experience.

Mistake Number 4: Performing Work Arounds

You succumbed to the constant WiFi complaints and problems and now have these work-arounds:

  • Instructing users to try disconnecting and reconnecting.
  • Instructing users to reboot their mobile devices.
  • Personally trying to fix the WiFi problems yourself.
  • Delaying and never getting problems fixed permanently because you’re too busy performing your real job.

Now Imagine This Scenario… Perfect Connections Everywhere!

Multiple images showing people connecting to dependable wifi everywhere.
  • What If Your WiFi Network Was Available Everywhere In Your Business, Right Where You Needed It?
  • What If It Was Always Fast And Reliable?
  • What If You Saved $1,000’s by Increasing Staff Productivity?
  • What If You Saved $1,000’s More Because You Needed to Purchase Fewer WiFi Access Points which also meant spending less on licensing, cabling and ongoing support? Check out this video here to see how the very best wireless vendors use patented technologies to deliver better Wi-Fi.
  • What If Your WiFi Network Was Always Up-to-Date With the Latest Advances In WiFi Technology, So You Didn’t Have To Keep Spending $1,000’s To Upgrade It Every Couple Years?
  • What If Your Customers Loved Your Ultra Fast, Dependable WiFi Network So Much That They Always Shopped Your Business Because They Hated Your Competitor’s Unreliable WiFi?

FREE WiFi Performance Assessment

For a limited time, we are offering to give away a FREE WiFi Performance Assessment to a select group of businesses. This is entirely free and without obligation.

This assessment will provide a review of your current business WiFi / hotel WiFi needs and an expert design of a wireless network solution that will solve your needs and allow for future growth.

Here’s How It Works:

At no cost or obligation, one of my senior WiFi engineers will come to your office to conduct a professional WiFi design & walk-through session. During this session our WiFi expert will be bringing actual WiFi analyzers and equipment to physically assess the exact types and locations of access points that will be needed, exact signal strengths and WiFi channels for each access point, amount of needed bandwidth for each access point and coverage area.

When this WiFi Assessment is complete, you will know:

  • What kind of WiFi system you need
  • The type of WiFi design you need
  • The locations of access points
  • The signal strengths and signal directions
  • What kind of monitoring, maintenance, reports are needed
IT Support engineer wearing a red vest with clipboard is listening intently to your IT issues.

Why Free?

Frankly, we want the opportunity to be your IT company. We know we are the most competent, responsive and trusted managed services provider to small businesses in the Portland / Vancouver metro area.

However, I also realize there’s a good chance you’ve been burned, disappointed and frustrated by the complete lack of service and the questionable advice you’ve gotten from other IT companies in the past. In fact, you might be so fed up and disgusted with being “sold” and under-served that you don’t trust anyone. I don’t blame you.

That’s why this assessment is completely and entirely free. Let us earn your trust by demonstrating our expertise. While we would love the opportunity to be your IT company, we will come in with no expectations and only look to provide you with fact-based information so you can make a quality, informed decision – and we’ll ONLY discuss the option of becoming your IT company if the information we share makes sense and you want to move forward. No hard sell. No gimmicks and no tricks.

To Get Your FREE WiFi Performance Assessment, please fill-in and submit the form below.

Also, feel free to reach out to our Director of Business Development, Dan Wedin. His direct phone number and e-mail address are:

Dan personal line: 503-353-9939 x2101


Dan’s e-mail: dan@24x7it.com

Dedicated to serving you,

Randy Bankofier, President
24×7 IT Solutions

I want to be very clear that when you fill-in your information for a FREE WiFi Performance Assessment that you are not expected to do or buy anything.

As a matter of fact, I will give you my personal guarantee that you won’t have to deal with a pushy, arrogant sales person, because I don’t appreciate heavy sales pressure any more than you do. So go ahead and FILL-IN the FORM on this page; you’ll be glad you did!

Get Your FREE WiFi Performance Assessment

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  • Coverage Available Everywhere
  • Always Fast & Reliable
  • Increase My Staff’s Productivity
  • Save $$$
  • Keep WiFi Network Always Up-to-Date
  • Keep My Customers Happy and Always Coming Back
  • Secure From Hackers
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