“Searching for the best in Computer Network Support?”

Are you a very busy, sometimes frantic, time-pressured entrepreneur awash in opportunity and critical projects but surrounded by nitwits and slower-than-molasses-pouring-uphill people who only add to your stress and frustration?

If So, I’ve Got A

Computer Support Solution

To Completely Remove One Of Your Biggest Sources Of Cost, Complexity And Frustration.

Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon
From the Desk of Randy Bankofier
President, 24x7 IT Solutions, Inc.
Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon

Dear Friend,

There are very few people who understand the daily life of an entrepreneur…

The incredibly LONG hours, crushing workload, millions of tiny details you need to pay attention to, constant irritations and problems crossing your desk, government regulations, escalating taxes, difficult employees and impossible deadlines on EVERYTHING.

Then you have service problems, financing problems, customer support problems, competitors breathing down your neck, cash-flow issues, never-ending operations problems and, of course, vendors causing MORE problems by their inability to deliver.

The LAST Thing You Need Are More Computer Network Support Problems!

My name is Randy Bankofier, and I’m the President of 24×7 IT Solutions. While we can’t solve ALL of your business problems, there is ONE area we can… and that’s IT. More specifically, we are the best in computer network support in the Portland / Vancouver metro areas when it comes to eliminating the complexity, aggravation and problems associated with your computer systems, printers, phones and all things electronic.

Admittedly, this is only one small part of the day-to-day issues you deal with, but I think you’ll agree that IT problems can be some of the most aggravating (and expensive) issues you run into, which is why I’m writing you today.

I Want to Give You 2 FREE Hours Of Computer Network Support To Prove We Can Do A Better Job Than Your Current Computer Guys

It just amazes me how unreliable and arrogant some computer technicians are…

  • Not returning your calls…
  • Constantly missing deadlines…
  • Not fixing things right the first time…
  • Talking over your head with “geek-speak”…
  • Nickel-and-diming you over everything…
  • Never following up on your requests…

When you call them for help, you end up talking to their voice mail. Then when you finally get them on the phone, they make you wait hours – even days – before they actually come out to see you.

Even then, a lot of them take longer than they estimated, charge you more than you expected and, as a final insult, they don’t follow up with you to ensure you were satisfied!

Business executive super excited that his computer network support Portland problems have been resolved.

Enough is Enough!

I think it’s about time someone finally got it right. That’s why we decided to start a “one company revolution” and committed ourselves to delivering fast, affordable computer network support from professional and reliable technicians. Although I don’t think this is an amazing concept, it still surprises me how many Portland computer technicians don’t get it right. That is why I’d like to extend the following offer to you…

Present with a bow on top that represents a $300 gift of 2 free computer support hours to get computer help with no obligation.

A $300 FREE Gift...

As a prospective client, I’d like to give you 2 FREE hours of computer network support to prove that my staff and I can do a better job at solving your technology headaches than your current computer support guy.

Just give us a call the next time you find yourself dealing with a computer or network problem. At no charge, we’ll send a senior network technician to your office to diagnose and treat the problem.

Why Are We Giving Away Free Computer Network Support?

Some people think we’re crazy for offering free services. They say, “Aren’t you afraid people will just take advantage of you?”
The truth is, some people might – but we know that most business owners are just honest people trying to find someone they
can trust to fix and maintain their computer network.

After All, Don’t You Just Want The Darn Computers To Work The Way They’re Supposed To?

That’s why I’m making this offer. I know that we’re hands down the best at what we do, but I don’t think it’s fair for you to risk
your money to find out. I don’t expect everyone to become a customer, but I know that some will end up becoming loyal,
long-term clients.

How Can You Use Your 2 Free Hours?

Maybe you don’t have an urgent problem that needs to be fixed right now. Maybe you think you have your IT support “handled”. Maybe you don’t even have a regular computer support guy in Portland and think you don’t need our services.

After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I completely understand that point of view, so let me suggest how you can still profit from this offer…

Even if you don’t have an immediate problem, you can use your 2 free hours of network support to have us audit your network for hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into bigger, more disastrous events that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and computer repair bills.

For FREE, We Will Come To Your Office And...

  • Check your network’s current security against hacker attacks, theft, worms, viruses, and even employee sabotage.
  • Scan and remove spyware that is secretly stealing your company’s bandwidth, jeopardizing the speed of your computer
    system, and embezzling confidential information about you, your employees, and your business.
  • Check your network’s back-up system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you NEVER want to lose.
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.
  • Perform a quick network “tune up” to make programs and files load faster.
  • Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or give you a second opinion on a quote you received.
  • Perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment where we inspect your entire computer network and software applications to see where you can take advantage of Cloud Services, which in our experience lowers IT costs by 21% to 67% and has proven to reduce Computer Network Support issues by over 95% for our clients.

There Are No Strings Attached… But You Have To Hurry

If you need immediate help, you can check that box on the form and we’ll respond ASAP. If you don’t need immediate assistance, you can also note that and we’ll simply keep your 2 free hours on retainer until you need them. If you looking for pricing on tech companies in portland, go here. If you want a Free Network Assessment to see how you can immediately utilize our fast-response IT support services, then click here.


Randy Bankofier, President
24×7 IT Solutions

I want to be very clear that when you take us up on this offer, you are not expected to do or buy anything.

As a matter of fact, I will give you my personal guarantee that you won’t have to deal with a pushy, arrogant sales person, because I don’t appreciate heavy sales pressure any more than you do. So go ahead and FILL-IN the FORM on this page; you’ll be glad you did!

Get 2 FREE Hours of Computer Network Support!

Please activate this voucher, so I can receive 2 hours of FREE computer support and have you “on call” to solve any unexpected computer or network problems I run into. I understand that I am not obligated to do or purchase anything by activating this voucher, or when I take you up on your 2 hours of free computer help.

Voucher - Get Out of Computer Trouble FREE with 2 hours of computer support or network support

You May Use Your 2 Free Hours To Have Us:

  • Check the viability of your company firewall and security protections against hacker attacks, theft, worms, viruses and even employee sabotage. Over 80,000 new malware threats are developed every single day, which is why you have to be extremely diligent about protecting your organization.
  • Scan for spyware, viruses and other malware that is secretly stealing your company’s bandwidth, jeopardizing the speed of your computer system and embezzling confidential information about you, your employees and your business.
  • Check your network’s backup system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you NEVER want to lose. MOST of the backups we audit (better than 1 in 10) are horribly inadequate and only provide a false sense of security to the owner. We’ll tell you the truth.
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs, servers or other chronic IT problems.
  • Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or give you a second opinion on a quote you received.
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Happy business owner with thumbs up due to receiving 2 free hours of computer support or network support.