How To Get $350 and a

FREE Trip to Vegas,

All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib & Crab Legs Buffet for Two, and Tickets to see the Michael Jackson show!

Dan Wedin, Director of Business Development at 24x7 IT Solutions happy to give away free steak dinners!
From the Desk of Dan Wedin
Director of Business Development, 24x7 IT Solutions, Inc.
Dan Wedin, Director of Business Development at 24x7 IT Solutions happy to give away free steak dinners!

Hey Boss!

I trust that you’re loving one of our IT Support Programs that include our 24×7 Helpdesk where we answer every call live, our Guaranteed 7-Minute Response Rate, maybe even your very own private Computer Cloud Network that always stays new and never needs upgrading, the 24×7 cloud backups with our iron-clad guarantee to never lose your data. Of course, if you aren’t happy for any reason, please call the office at 503-343-4744 or call me immediately at 503-343-4541. That is our #1 priority!

But if you are enjoying the program, I’d like to ask you for a small favor that, in the end, will benefit you as well. Here’s what I had in mind…

Just like you, we get our best clients through referrals.

To that end, I’d like to give you an ethical “bribe” to refer us to a friend or colleague who might also benefit from our program. Truth is, marketing to get new clients isn’t free, and we’d much rather invest that money with our existing clients (you) by rewarding you for bringing us more clients (especially managed IT Services) instead of forking that money over to Google or the post office.

So here’s what I’d like to propose:

Refer us to the CEO/owner of another company with at least 10 computers in the Portland Metro Area and we’ll give them:

  1. A free, one-on-one Cyber-Security Consultation like the one you had (no strings attached, no pressure).
  2. We’ll also give them a Free 27-Point Network Assessment.
  3. We’ll also give them a Free Buyer’s Guide to IT Support Services in Portland.
  4. And they’ll get our new enterprise level Cyber-Security Vulnerability Assessment where we check their network and devices for over 45,000 known vulnerabilities.

And they’ll get a number of other freebies so they’ll benefit from the consult whether they buy or not – and just to say “thanks” to you, we’ll give you a $50 American Express gift card, even if they don’t become a client. All they have to do is schedule a consultation with us.

If they’re smart (like you!) and enroll in one of our programs, we’ll give YOU a $300 American Express gift card on TOP of the $50; that’s a $350 bonus in your pocket. You have my word that we’ll give them the best solutions and service like we did for you and it’s all backed up by our 100% money-back guarantee, so they have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

If you’re a go-getter and you bring us 5 clients, you’ll not only get the above bonuses for each one ($1,750!), but we’ll also give you a FREE TRIP for 2 to Las Vegas! This includes airfare, lodging, and tickets to an expensive Prime Rib & Crab Legs buffet in Vegas. Or, if you’re not a Las Vegas and buffet person, how about an entire year of Free Dark Web Scanning for your entire company? It’s your choice… Vegas vacation or 1-Year of Free Dark Web Scanning for every user in your entire company.

Would you help me? I’d be extremely grateful.

If yes, could you make a quick E-MAIL INTRODUCTION to the person you have in mind to refer me to and copy me on it? I can take it from there. Or if you would prefer to talk to me first, reply back with some days/times you’re available. And if neither of those options work, I’ve created a web page you can send people to that talks about the free Cyber Security Risk Assessment they will get for free (just email me and I’ll send you the link).

So however you feel comfortable, submit away and we’ll take care of the rest! There are 3 ways you can submit a referral to us – choose whichever is most convenient for you:

  1. E-mail me with their full name, company and contact information. My e-mail is dan@24x7it.com.
  2. Call me at 503-353-9939 x2101.
  3. Complete the form below.

Of course, if you have another (more creative!) way of getting us referrals, let me know. I’m happy to work with you in any way to make this an easy, enjoyable and profitable experience.

Dedicated to your success,
Dan Wedin

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Happy IT manager shaking your hand because you won a free trip to Las Vegas because you referred so many clients to us!