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Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon
From the Desk of Randy Bankofier
President, 24x7 IT Solutions, Inc.
Randy Bankofier, President and CEO of 24x7 IT Solutions in Portland Oregon

Dear Small Business Owners and Portland CEOs,

Doesn’t it bug you when you’re searching the internet trying to find a new vendor and they don’t show you any pricing information on their website?

If you’re like me, you’re so busy running and growing your business during the day that when you finally have time to start searching the internet and looking for that one new vendor that’s going to solve your problem that they are all CLOSED for the day! Arghhhh.

Let me guess, you’ve finally had it. Your current IT guys just broke their last little bit of good will with you and you’ve finally had enough. They are fired! Well, as soon as you find their replacement.

So, now you’re out searching the Internet for tech companies in Portland (at who knows what hour of the day or night) and what do you find? Nobody shows their prices. They’re all hiding them! Wouldn’t it be nice to see some prices to see if the vendor is even in your ballpark?

I totally agree and that’s why I put together this page. I’d like to help you in your search for the best tech companies in Portland and provide some extra value before we even get a chance to talk or meet. That’s what I’d want.

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First, You Need To Know:
We have 4 types of IT Support Packages:

Icon of wrench and screwdriver representing tech companies maintenance IT plan with lowest recommended levels of security and support.


This monthly plan includes the absolute barest levels of server & network maintenance and basic protection that is needed for any network. Users get access to a 24×7 user helpdesk where they can pay for IT support when they need it. This plan works well for start-up businesses and ones on a limited budget.

Icon of person with headset representing best tech companies in Portland that provide a helpdesk support plan.


This full managed services monthly plan comes with 33 premium features including unlimited remote support 24x7x365 and high-level consulting. With over 95.9% of all user requests being resolved remotely, business owners can enjoy a somewhat fixed monthly expense for budgeting purposes and still get the high level of support and security that they need. This plan works well for successful business owners that require high levels of staff productivity and absolutely no data loss.

Icon of tech company's field engineer with briefcase traveling onsite to provide IT services.


This full managed services monthly plan is built on top of the “Helpdesk Package” and also includes unlimited onsite support 24x7x365. Business owners enjoy a fixed monthly IT expense that they can budget for.

most popular
Icon of cloud solutions from best tech companies in Portland.


This is for successful CEOs that want to take full strategic advantage of a cloud network including the massive savings, up-time and built-in cyber security protection to gain a lead over their competition. It also includes a full managed services monthly plan with unlimited remote support and high-level consulting 24x7x365.
This has remained our most popular plan since 2012.

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