Portland Oregon consultants specialize in computer and network IT services and support for small and medium size businesses.
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Solutions by Size

  • 1-25 workstations: Small businesses typically don't have enough computer support work to keep a full-time person busy.
  • 26-60 Workstations: These businesses here have a tougher decision to make - either hire an I.T. vendor or hire an in-house computer technician.
  • 61-150 Workstations: These businesses have fairly complex I.T. system requirements and may find it difficult to have employees with all the cutting-edge skills they need.
  • 150+ Workstations: These businesses usually have an in-house I.T. department. Their needs are typically for speciality projects and temporary staffing.
IT consulting and network services customized for size and type of your business.

1-25 Workstations

Small businesses typically don't have enough computer support work to keep a full-time person busy. This means they're left trying to figure it out on their own or bringing in the occasional outside help.

It is common for a small businesses to outsource payroll, accounting, cleaning services, legal and telecommunications management. Information technology is no different and 24x7 offers I.T. solutions that are perfect for small businesses.

Our staff provides a full range of technical expertise and essentially becomes an extension of our client's business. Our goal is to provide our customers with the right I.T. services to support their core business objectives. Therefore, our first step is to meet with the business owner to understand primary operating goals and then provide a free network assessment based upon what we learn. Next, we'll provide a project plan that details the services and hardware requirements uncovered during the assessment.

Our team will only be a phone call away on a 24/7 basis to respond to any urgent problems. We'll proactively monitor critical systems remotely in an effort to resolve any problems before they affect the business. We'll maintain your network documentation and ensure it is always up-to-date. In addition, we'll recommend scheduled maintenance to ensure that all systems maintained properly and are performing error free.

You'll typically rely most heavily on your primary engineer. The personal attention the primary engineer provides is very important because the majority of a company's technology problems are end-user related. Our desk-side support is invaluable because we help the end-users on a personal level to utilize the technology we implement. Although rarely used, customers feel better knowing that they have 24 hour a day access to not only their primary engineer, but to a complete team of other technology experts.

Since we specialize in small businesses and much of the software utilized is similar, you can rest assured that our team is already an expert in the vast majority of the software you will be utilizing.

26-60 Workstations

Typically, companies with 26-59 computer users have a tough decision to make - either hire an in-house IT specialist or outsource the expertise to a trusted partner like 24x7. Fortunately, we've done some studies and have some great news for you. Experience shows that a business will save money by hiring an I.T. vendor.

Companies with 26-59 users are the perfect size to take advantage of the expertise and cost savings provided by using 24x7. In a recent study we learned we were able to save our customers an average of 43% compared to having an in-house IT employee. Simply put, 24x7 can provide far more technological expertise as a team than any in-house, single person IT specialist.

When working with 24x7, you don't get just one technology expert. Our engineers specialize in several different areas of technology and we deploy our specialists in their area of expertise. From security issues to e-mail servers, we have dedicated specialists that engineer and lead the required solution implementation. With technology continuing to becoming more complicated, it is impossible for one person to be an expert at everything. Additionally, since we've implemented all of these solutions before, you benefit from quicker implementation times and improved system stability.

When you hire 24x7, you're getting an entire IT department. What happens if your in-house IT person is sick or on vacation - or worse yet, needs to be replaced? It usually is a very difficult time. But with 24x7, you get redundancy throughout.

61-150 Workstations

Businesses with 61 to 150 users typically have fairly complex IT system requirements. Companies of this size may find it difficult to maintain a department of highly trained engineers with cutting-edge skills while still trying to focus on core business objectives.

To address this unique challenge, 24x7 has developed a hybrid outsourcing solution. With this many workstations, it's usually necessary for the company to have an in-house technology contact. We'll take care of all of the server-side technology issues and we'll assist you in hiring an internal help desk person. This person reports to 24x7 but usually is on your payroll. All workstation end user support problems are routed to the on-site help desk person to receive immediate attention. In the event that the help desk person needs further assistance or a problem goes unresolved for 3 days, the situation is escalated to your primary engineer at 24x7. We're also responsible for all other computer support as the needs arise.

Another important advantage of working with 24x7 is the benefit of having an entire team of specialists ready to help as needed. When companies rely upon in-house staff, problems arise when that person is sick or on vacation. We provide redundancy by providing an as-needed technical account manager, solutions architect, primary and secondary engineer and an entire team of technology specialists. We've found that this hybrid outsourcing solution provides the greatest benefit both in terms of cost and efficiency for our customers.

Upon our initial engagement, we'll perform a thorough technology assessment and meet with business leaders to better understand company goals. Next, we'll develop a plan outlining the current technology situation and provide a roadmap of where you need to be to achieve your business goals.

We'll be responsible for everything technology-related for your entire company. The team of 24x7 specialists will be just a phone call away on a 24/7 basis to respond to any urgent problem. We'll monitor critical systems remotely in an effort to proactively solve situations before they become problems. In organizations of this size, our engineers are usually on-site weekly to ensure that systems are maintained properly.

We stay very involved with overall company business goals with our clients of this size. We bring CIO-level experience to staff meetings to ensure that your company is up to speed on all available technology from which you might benefit and even bring in solutions that we have seen through our experience within many industries. Our close work with your staff also helps us stay current on your business objectives.

We've found that clients in this segment typically rely most heavily on their solutions architect, primary engineer and other specialist engineers at 24x7. The solutions architect is critical because of their forward thinking and usually more than half of the IT projects within this segment are new technology initiatives. The primary engineer is on hand to ensure the system runs smoothly and to manage the on-site help desk person, making sure all day-to-day problems are being effectively managed.

Our specialized engineers are important because of the unique challenges and needs of customers in this segment. Technologies at this level are usually at an enterprise level and simply put, an in-house IT department usually cannot handle such assignments without outside consulting. When you work with 24x7, you can count on our experienced and specialized team to be available 24 hours a day to help solve the most complex technology challenges.

150+ Workstations

Customers with over 150 users typically have an in-house IT department. 24x7 can add value for these larger organizations through our vast experience in supporting hundreds of clients in a variety of industries. Our engagements with clients within this segment are usually for special projects. Our team of technology specialists has been called on to work on a variety of technology projects including:

Routing & Services
  • Advanced routing and switching (QOS, VOIP)
  • Redundant site and co-location solutions
  • Security audit and penetration testing (HIPAA, Risk Assessment, SOX, PCI, Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act)
  • Firewalls and Intrusion detection systems
  • Network performance analysis
  • Network project management
  • Domain upgrades and migrations
  • Exchange and SQL clusters
  • Multi-site, redundancy Active Directory solutions
  • Large and real time backup solutions
  • Business continuity and recovery services
  • Thin client architecture solutions
IT Management
  • Staffing redundancy - We provide specialist personnel for larger organizations at a moment's notice to cover training sessions and other events which require the entire department.
  • IT gap and hiring assistance - When an organization is replacing key people in the IT department, we often help with interim assistance and with the interview process.
  • Technology assessment - When management wants another option of the internal systems, we are often called on to perform a technology assessment.
  • Technology plan - Companies often call on us to develop 3-year technology plans to ensure they have the right solutions in place now and in the future with their internal technologies.
  • 24x7 support and expert resources - Customers have 24x7 access to specialized engineers which need as little as an hour notice to be on-site.

Business Cybersecurity Systems

24x7's cybersecurity protection systems for small and medium businesses are designed to protect your business, your data, your employees and your clients.

Custom Software Development

Does your website need updating? Are you building a new software application to improve efficiency or reduce costs? Our development team can get your project up and running ontime and on budget.

Portland Oregon Expert consultants who design, install and support business IT networks. Specializing in network security. Call for free network analysis and assessment.
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