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Network Trouble?

  • Is your network slow?
  • Has your server crashed?
  • Are your employees sitting around frustrated that the network is down... again?
  • Is Your data backed Up? Are you sure?
  • Wireless Problems? Get a professional wireless audit!
IT Computer and Network Trouble Experts Come Onsite or remote for Computer, PC, and Server Repair.

Need 24x7 Emergency Computer Service, Network Support and Computer Repair in the Portland, Oregon area?

Hard-drive crash? Password lost or inaccessible? Network stop working? Unable to access the Internet? Been hacked or sabotaged by a virus?

No matter what your computer emergency, if you're in the Portland, Oregon area, 24x7 I.T. Solutions will help.

Just call us at 503-353-9939 and tell us what's wrong. We'll explain your options and help you get back to business before you know it.

If your emergency is not of a critical nature, you might prefer to email us. Just describe your problem, tell us how quickly you need it repaired, leave your contact information, and one of our certified computer and network support professionals will be in touch with you shortly.

Why Call Portland, Oregon's 24x7 I.T. Solutions for Your Emergency Computer or Network Repairs?

We're responsive. Since you're our reason for being in business, you can count on 24x7 to give you the emergency support you need - right now - when you need it. We're good at what we do. Our support personnel are talented technical computer consultants and network experts who know how to isolate and resolve computer and network problems quickly. Chances are good we've solved the same problem you're having for someone else before. We're affordable; giving you big-business I.T. expertise at a small-business price - without compromising the quality of our service to you. Email us or give us a call right now at 503-353-9939 for prompt attention.

Run into computer glitches or computer support issues often? Want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll get guaranteed service at reasonable rates - even during the evenings, weekends and holidays? You might want to take advantage of our Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements. Click here to learn more.

Network Design/Install/Support

Connecting Computers, Employees and Locations in the Greater Portland Area with LAN, WAN, and Wireless Network Design, Implementation and Support

Whether your business uses two computers or 500, 24x7 I.T. Solutions will work with you to design, build and manage a computer network that is secure, reliable, scalable and just right to help you increase your productivity and keep your costs down.

Explore Your Business Connectivity Options

If you're an I.T. Manager in the Portland, Oregon area with too much work on your hands to implement or make one-time or regular modifications to your existing network, you're probably already aware of your options, and just need a solid technical professional to implement your design or ideas.

In that case, just give us a call at 503-353-9939. You'll find that our fees are well-within reach of any budget, and that we're fast, capable and ready to lend a hand on either a one-time or recurring basis. Either email us or give us a call at 503-353-9939 and tell us what you need.

But, if you're an office manager, CFO, CEO or small business owner in the Portland, Oregon area, you might find that solving your business connectivity issues has fallen to you simply because you know more about computers than anyone else in the company. In that case, you'll be glad to know that 24x7 I.T. Solutions is dedicated to educating you about your LAN and WAN networking options, wireless included, and to helping you make the best decisions for your company.

Our goal is not simply to do the technical "stuff" and leave. We'll help you explore your networking and connectivity options, whether LAN or WAN, wired or wireless. We'll make recommendations as to what we believe would be your best hardware and software choices - ones that will work with your business processes, future plans and budget.

But ultimately, what we do is empower you to make the decisions, and then work with you to formulate a cost-effective and efficient network design, implement it and maintain it for years to come.

Remote Connectivity Using VPN

Looking for a Computer Consultant to Help You Connect Your Offices, or Access Your Network from Anywhere, Anytime with a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

But feel like your small business has been priced out of connecting your offices, your employees and yourself?

If you've been thinking about a VPN, you may also have thought that your small business has been priced out of remote user access and multi-office connectivity.

Well 24x7 I.T. Solutions is pleased to tell you that our efficiency and low overhead means we can help you get anywhere, anytime access and connect your offices, factories and retail outlets at substantial cost savings - so much so that even the smallest multi-site company can afford remote access and to network its locations together.

You'll be surprised at just how affordable a VPN from 24x7 I.T. Solutions can be. Whether you want to access your network data from home, in the field or on the road, or to connect your partners and customers, sales and project teams, and remote locations to your company network, a VPN allows you to do so economically and securely - and reduces your reliance on in-house equipment and support.

Data Storage & Disaster Recovery

If Your Computer Room Burnt to the Ground, How Quickly Could You Be Back in Business?

Losing your business data is a frightening proposition! But like most of us, you might be thinking, "It'll never happen to me." Actually, what we do is hope it never happens to us, yet we fail to take preventative measures.

And you can lose business data from less catastrophic events than a fire - what about power surges? Burglary? Or even a more common hard-drive crash?

24x7 IT Solutions has the backup and data storage solutions you need to protect your data - and your company's ability to get back on its feet in a hurry - should an unforeseen, and unfortunate, event occur.

One of our computer network consultants will evaluate your business and help you determine which backup solution is best for you, whether offsite data storage, a regular data backup system or redundant mirrored hard drives. We'll do so by educating you about your options, by making recommendations, and then by allowing you to make a decision you'll feel comfortable with.

Computer Network Cabling

Are you expanding your phone and data network? Moving to a new location? Well, you've come to the right place. 24x7 I.T. Solutions has 23 years of expertise in technology low voltage cabling. And you can count on us to deliver reliably every time regardless of your project size.

We are your specialists in CAT 5e, CAT 6, and fiber optic cabling. We can design, install, and repair your phone & data cable.

Virus Removal

Think you have a virus? Are you experiencing a massive amount of pop-up windows? Has a virus taken over your browser home page and you can't get rid of it? Is your search page gone? Are files missing? Programs won't start? Is your computer really slow? Well, you probably have some type of virus, spyware or adware.

With the daily threat of over 250,000 known computer viruses and the continual discovery of about 500 new, more complex viruses each month you deserve to have the 24x7 I.T. Solutions technical team stomp out and kill those viruses. We stay current and we watch out for the latest virus outbreaks, malicious scripts, and Internet vulnerabilities, in addition to staying current with the best practices so we can keep your computer and computer network safe.

Why trust a non-certified I.T. person to keep your Microsoft pc's, network, and servers safe? We wouldn't. Let the 24x7 I.T. Solutions Microsoft certified technical team build your security infrastructure because we have the creditials and the experience.

Onsite PC Repair - At your location!

Has your computer stopped working? Does it not even get into Microsoft Windows? Does it keep restarting every few seconds all by itself? Is your computer extremely slow? Well, don't worry! You've just found a technical team of Microsoft Certified professionals that specialize in fixing your pc quickly, thoroughly and to Microsoft and industry standards.

Onsite Service - We come to you! Our mobile Microsoft Certified professionals will meet you at your home or place of business to fix your problem. While we're there, we'll keep you informed along the way of what we're finding and what we're fixing. Our goal is to keep the price down and fix your pc quickly and efficiently. Occassionally, we might need to take it back to our shop where we have additional parts or faster Internet connection. But don't worry! At 24x7 I.T. Solutions, you never pay a delivery charge or trip fee (which includes most of the Portland Metro area).

Wireless Networks

Has your existing wireless network stopped working? Have you purchased the parts, but need help setting up your wireless network? Or, are you thinking about putting in a wireless network and would like a wireless networking professional to assist you and give recommendations?

Don't worry! you've just found some very experienced wireless network professionals. At 24x7 I.T. Solutions, we can assist you in what ever your wireless problem is. We can help with security, recommendations and design, installation, and troubleshooting.

Are you secure? You'd be surprised how many homes (and businesses!) we find that have no security or very hackable WEP security on their wireless signal! That means anyone can get on their network and (1) use their Internet connection and (2) attack their computers.

There's many inexperienced computer technicians out their that either don't set up security at all or set up their customers on WEP security and tell them they're totally secure. Well guess what? A hacker can crack WEP security within as little as 5 hours.

With identity theft on the rise, we really recommend you talk to one of our certified professionals to make your wireless network secure. Most of us have some very private information on our computers like personal & business finances (Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money), bank account numbers, investment account numbers, medical information, social security numbers, & drivers license numbers. Don't let an identity theif get into your wireless network!

Take the Next Step

Email or call 503-353-9939 today to speak to a networking professional at 24x7 I.T. Solutions - Portland, Oregon's expert resource for LAN, WAN and wireless networking. Tell us where you'd like to take your business with today's networking technology - and we'll tell you how we can help you get there.

Business Cybersecurity Systems

24x7's cybersecurity protection systems for small and medium businesses are designed to protect your business, your data, your employees and your clients.

Custom Software Development

Does your website need updating? Are you building a new software application to improve efficiency or reduce costs? Our development team can get your project up and running ontime and on budget.

Portland Oregon Expert consultants who design, install and support business IT networks. Specializing in network security. Call for free network analysis and assessment.
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